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California Child Sexual Abuse Questions and Resource Information

Are There Different Types of Child Sexual Abuse?

It’s not so much that there are different types of child sexual abuse, as any child sexual abuse is unacceptable. Child sexual assault is a heinous act perpetrated by child sexual predators. Instead of types of sexual abuse, sexual predators seem to be identified as falling into different child sexual abuse categories.

Different categories of child sexual abuse may include:
Foster care abuse
Boy Scout abuse
Sex abuse in sports
Clergy sexual abuse
Teacher Sexual abuse

Is There Financial Compensation Available for victims of Child Sexual Abuse?

At Beck Law P.C. we feel that financial compensation is not the primary motivation for the child sexual abuse victims that reach out to us. Child sexual abuse victims with the courage to come forward, often in addition to possible financial compensation, end up making great changes to the institution that may have been responsible for protecting their abuser. They can be the power that may save others from suffering the same fate, holding the at-fault individuals and perhaps institutions accountable. So what about a financial compensation for the physical and emotion abuse inflicted?

  • Nominal damages. In California, you may be eligible for damages from simply the threat of sexual abuse even if not actually abused. There me be a small compensation if that fear of sexual assault can be established.
  • Emotional and psychological harms. Significant psychological, mental and emotional damage can be inflicted on a survivor. These intangibles if proven can be cause for compensation awarded by a jury at trial.
  • Impairment of the capacity to carry on with life. Abuse during childhood often can have a lifelong impact on a survivor. The need for medical or help or therapy are compensable damages in California.
  • Financial harm. If financial damages arise later in life due to child sex abuse these could be added as part of a settlement demand. Damages could be due to wages missed from mental health days needed.
  • Punitive damages. As a sexual abuse survivor, malicious intent to harm, gross negligence, and extreme recklessness could qualify you to be awarded punitive damages by a California judge.

The amount that may be awarded by a judge or jury will depend on your case. As California child sexual abuse lawyers, we can first evaluate the possible damages and then attempt to calculate the monetary worth. Whatever we can do to evaluate your specific child sexual abuse case for free to help you calculate its worth, then bring claim against the responsible party or parties. We can help maintain your privacy even during a trial.


How do I File a Claim in California Against a Child Sexual Abuser?

Learning your rights as a survivor is the first step towards filing a child sexual abuse claim. Per California sexual abuse law, does your situation fit the definition of sex abuse or assault. Familiarize yourself with other California civil laws such as the statute of limitations on child sex abuse claims. As of 2019, survivors have until age 40 to bring their claims in California or five years past the date of discovering abuse as an adult survivor (whichever is later).

Next, contact an attorney. An experienced Beck Law P.C.,  California sexual abuse lawyer help you understand these rights to file a civil suit against your abuser and/or other parties in California, including large and powerful institutions. A lawyer can guide you through the steps of filing a claim and help you fight for justice.




How Can a California Child Sexual Assault Lawyer Help?

Our law firm provides representation and legal advocacy childhood for sexual violence survivors. Our legal services include taking up negotiations with insurance providers or bringing sexual abuse cases to court to litigate. We know all the steps it will take to not only file your claim but to obtain fair and full compensation.

What is the Age of Consent in California?

Those under the age of 18 in California are legally unable to engage in consensual. This statute makes it illegal to engage in sexual acts with a person less than 18 years of age. Sex with a minor is referred to as “statutory rape” and carries a variety of penalties, including jail time. Children should be free to focus on school, building friendships, preparing for college and determining what they want to do with their lives.

Unfortunately, sexual predators and irresponsible adults over the age of 21 frequently attempt to take advantage of a child’s youth and inexperience by involving them in sexual activity. If your child is a victim of statutory rape, contact a California child sexual abuse attorney to find out how you can press charges against those who assaulted your child. We will work tirelessly to help you obtain justice, as well as secure financial compensation for your family’s suffering. Having worked on multiple high-profile child abuse cases, our attorneys are some of the world’s premier lawyers in the field of underage sexual assault.

What do I do if I’m a Victim of Child Sexual Abuse in California?

The emotional scars from sexual violence can last a lifetime. Nightmares, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, and insomnia are just some of the issues you may have experienced after the trauma. Filing a claim for damages by those the wronged you can be frightening but in the end be therapeutic and perhaps provide some manner of closure.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, it is important that you have legal counsel to address the damages you have suffered emotionally and physically. The California child sexual abuse lawyers at Beck Law P.C. are experienced in the field and can advise you as you seek justice in a civil court lawsuit.


How do I Contact a California Attorney about a Child Sexual Abuse Case?

Are you a child sexual abuse victim? The California child sexual abuse law office of Beck Law P.C., believes in aggressive legal action against child sex offenders. These criminals and anyone that tries to aid them with their heinous acts need to be arrested, tried in a court of law and sent to prison.


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